Whether it is shoes for girls or shoes for boys, we are passionate about getting the ideal pair of Kids Shoes or Baby Shoes at Little Lily & Co. Stocking brands including Lelli Kelly, Bobux, Geox and Start-rite we have styles to suit all tastes and occasions. From kids winter boots to kids school shoes we have the perfect choice for you.
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GBB Girls Francesca Gold High Top Trainers
Richter Purple Star Waterproof Boots
Lelli Kelly Unicorn High Top Trainers
Bobux Arctic Sherbet Boots
Lelli Kelly Marta Girls School Shoes
Richter Grey Waterproof Ankle Boot with ribbon
From £62.00 - £67.00
Richter Brown Leather Trainer
From £60.00 - £62.00
Angel's Face Gold Tammy Cowboy boots
Start-Rite Impulsive Girls Black Patent Shoes
Lelli Kelly Colourissima School Shoes - Bow
Lelli Kelly Colourissima Heart School Shoes
Lelli Kelly Poppy Puppy School Shoes
Lelli Kelly Prinny Princess School Shoes
Lelli Kelly Unicorn School Shoes - Bonnie
Lelli Kelly Miss LK Meryl T-Bar School Shoes
Lelli Kelly Irene School Shoes
From £57.90 - £62.90
Geox Casey T-Bar Black Patent School Shoes
Geox Casey Girls Brogue Black Patent School Shoes
Lelli Kelly Kara Brogue School Shoes
From £54.90 - £62.90
Lelli Kelly Audrey School Shoes
From £54.90 - £57.90
Lelli Kelly Colourissima Heart School Shoes
Geox Savage Leather Boys School Shoes